My name is Linda Aitkin and I am inspired by an interest in simple, conscious living. The approach I am exploring is based a wholistic philosophy which views people as living beings in vibrant universe. The focus of To Live Light is on ways in which we can create a lighter, simpler way of living.  In the context of living light, the things we own, the actions we take, and how we organise ourselves and our belongs are tools to support us in creating harmonious and meaningful lives. By the same token, our beliefs and how we make meaning of the world inform how we live day to day. 

To Live Light is has grown out of Live Light Professional Organising which began in 20012. Through private study, client work and professional development activities I learned how people organise themselves and the practical day to day challenges they face.  At the same time I was studying different belief systems and approach to spirituality. In 2016 the two interests began to merge. I expanded my scope beyond physical organising to a broader concept of what it means to organise ourselves in the world and adopted the title "To Live Light".

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To Live Light is a registered business name associated with ABN 72923842727.