Decluttering the Coin Dish


I have a dish of coins on my desk that gets in the way of papers when I am working. The dish is for spare change that is too heavy to carry in my purse. Its mainly full of 20 cent pieces that are heavy, and not very valuable individually, but quite useful for cheap purchases.

I started to question whether this bowl is really necessary. I was going to move the coins to a purse and put them in a drawer, but that seemed to be relocating the clutter.

I decided the reason for the build up of coins was because I tend to use notes, or gold coins when paying for things, rather than counting out the smaller coins. I have created an imaginary social pressure to be as quick as possible at the checkout that means I just don’t have time to make use of my small change.

I have been conducting an experiment and taking the time to use the change in my purse to pay the exact money, or to make up the amount needed for small purchases like tickets, drinks and so forth. I have also been restocking my purse with coins from the bowl, which is now only half full.

I think at this rate I will soon be able to retire the coin bowl, and manage my change by spending it as I go along. Its a small thing to do, but I’ll be glad to have one less thing on my tiny desk.

Update Aug 2015: It didn’t work – I still needed the coin dish!


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