Farewelling Photographic Gear

One category that is easy to get stuck on is photographic gear.  These days most of us use a good quality automatic digital camera, or portable devices to take photos. Few of us use film anymore, because of the lack of immediacy, the cost of printing, and the hassles of storage. I gave up developing my own film long ago because I didn’t like dealing with the chemicals. I am fairly confident (although I cannot be absolutely certain) that I won’t want to get involved in film again.

addition to my favourite digital options I found that I had 3 film cameras, a faulty digital camera, and some equipment for developing black and white film. As a consequence I embarked on a journey to learn about the various methods of moving on photographic equipment.

I quickly learned that the automatic film camera, for which I paid $499 was now worth $5. Ouch! Film is quickly becoming obsolete, and those that remain interested are usually camera buffs who don’t want automatic equipment. Donated to St Vincent de Paul, who seemed happy to have it.

The older film camera that has been in the family for a while, and now has “vintage” status was sold online to a camera buff, and more modern film camera was purchased online by a film student.

I had a great experience selling my photographic developing equipment on Gumtree to someone in another city who is very excited to have it. I was able to get some money back on this equipment, which is in good condition, and expensive to buy new. I hope the new owner will get much pleasure out of my old gear.

Its exciting to think this gear is going to be used again by someone who loves film photography.

This experience has made me aware of how quickly technical gear can become out of favour or obsolete. I can understand why it can feel “too hard” to deal with. However there are solutions out there and it has been an interesting mini-project.

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