Intuitive Action in Organising

Although organising is usually associated with logical step by step processes there is another aspect to getting things done that is less frequently discussed. For people guided by a strong inner compass, the how, when, where and why of organising come from a more intuitive place.

An idea arises, a feeling of unease with how things are, a readiness for something new. That impression, perhaps not even a conscious thought, drifts in the background until one day the time, opportunity and motivation arise together and action takes place.

An intuitive process involves acting on this urge for change until it subsides, or you don’t know what to do next, then pausing. Action occurs in bursts based on a sense of readiness that is hard to define. Projects evolve in their own time, incorporating new information as it emerges, shifting direction as needed, ever sensitive to the current situation. It’s a rhythm, a dance, a flow.

This dynamic, creative element adds a sense of vitality, which brings interest and momentum to the process. Action involves riding the wave of energy and inspiration, rather than forcing activity into a predetermined schedule.

How do we discover this capacity to dream change and birth it into life? How do we build our sensitivity to circumstances so that we can gauge when the time and situation are ripe for action?

We can start by allowing space for the element of the unknown. Leave some gaps in the schedule. Notice your imaginings. Listen to the small voice. Pick up on subtle cues for action. By allowing yourself the flexibility to respond in the moment you open the way for new possibilities you may not have been dreamt of in the master plan.

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