Keeping Things Small and Light

Clear the dining table of clutter to enjoy relaxed meals.

One of the factors that can make a home feel cramped and cause problems with storage space is the actual size of your belongings. We sometimes think that “bigger is better”, but if you always choose the largest option, you may sacrificing valuable space without any real gain.

Particularly for people who live in smaller spaces, such as home units, big items can get in the way very quickly. If you have a big family, or enjoy entertaining, then a big home and big items may be right for you. However if there are only one or two people living in the home, or you have limited space, you may not need a lot of large furniture or family size equipment.

One principle that I find helpful is to choose furniture in keeping with the space available. A large coffee table or super-sized dining table can make a small room feel cluttered. Also assess the number of items of furniture that you have in each room. A little clear wall space does wonders to make a room feel lighter.

If space is limited, avoid large pictures and decorations. Huge paintings and photographs take up a lot of visual space, and need a large room to be seen to advantage. Choose images that compliment rather than dominate the room. Large decorative objects can also take up a lot of space, whether on display or in storage. Large size vases and coffee table ornaments can overwhelm a small space and take up limited surface area.

I find it helpful to keep heavy items to a minimum. Objects such as chunky bookcases and tall steel filing cabinets can be difficult to move on your own. If you have the option, consider buying lighter and more portable versions from the choices available. If you have a small space consider smaller and lighter versions that you can easily relocate yourself, such as a lightweight bookcase or a smaller set of drawers on wheels.

Sometimes big things enter our lives through the backdoor, generally in the arms for friends and family who no longer need them. If this happens, remember the Keep it Small and Light principle and say no thank you if the object is too big and bulky for your needs.

Its easy to take our possessions for granted as a permanent fixture in our homes, and retain things for a life we used to have, wish we had, or hope we might have one day. You can give your home a less cluttered feel by taking a fresh look at your lifestyle and living space at it is today, and adopting a smaller, lighter approach.

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