Paper and Office Organising

Organising an office or personal papers requires specific skills. These books offer methods to breakdown this often daunting aspect of organising into manageable steps.

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detox-your-deskDetox Your Desk
Declutter Your Life and Mind
By Cary L. Cooper and Theo Theobald

Publisher's Description
Why is there never enough time in the day to do all the stuff you want to? Why does your in-tray just keep growing? Is it alive? Written for the time-starved and terminally untidy, Detox Your Desk is the perfect antidote to pressure cooker of the modern office. It's flat out but you still fell like you're not getting anything done. And no wonder. It's hard to do anything meaningful when you're swamped by piles of paperwork and endless 'to do' lists. Detox Your Desk helps you fight back by purging your system office toxins, so you can take control of the everyday stuff and calmly field whatever lands in your in-tray. It starts with the physical clearing out of all the rubbish that litters your life and then gives you practical tips to help free up your thinking. Detox Your Desk puts you on a ten-day programme that'll result in a tidy workspace and a clear head. All of the changes are easy. Stick with them over the long term and you'll change the way you work forever, giving you more time and a greater choice in every area of you life. This you big chance to get on top of your workload and start to enjoy work and life again. You'll soon be the most efficient and effective person you know!


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office-clutter-cure-2nd-editionThe Office Clutter Cure
Get Organized, Get Results!
By Don Aslett

Millionaire Cleaning Entrepreneur Don Aslett combines his organizing know-how and his business savvy in this new masterful second edition of The Office Clutter Cure. Clutter not only hinders work, it holds back careers! But with America's #1 cleaning expert Don Aslett by their side, readers learn how to declutter their offices--and reap the rewards of an organized work life. By taking charge of their work space, readers also rev up their reputations, boost their productivity, and enhance their creativity--not to mention win the admiration of the boss. With The Office Clutter Cure, 2nd Edition as their guide, readers will revitalize their careers, becoming the stars of the office and the envy of their colleagues.


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paper-flowPaper Flow
Your Ultimate Guide To Making Paperwork Easy
by MaryAnne Bennie and Brigitte Hinneberg

Publisher's Description
Paper Flow is a beautifully simple, tried-and-tested system for handling your paperwork. This easy-to-follow guide is for everyone who handles the paper of life. Households, home businesses, small businesses and corporate employees will all benefit from having their paper flow.

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Organizing Paper at Homeorganizing-paper-home
What to Toss and How to Find the Rest
By Barbara Hemphill and Jennifer Wig

Publisher's Description
Why can't I ever find the papers I need? Did I save that on the computer or is it in my file? Sound familiar? Despite all our technology, paper is still the No. 1 challenge in households nationwide. It covers desks and the kitchen counter, gets stuffed into file drawers and now, saved in electronic form on the computer. Instead of solving our problems, computers and smartphones have created another realm of disorganization, with files and systems of their own to mix in with the paper. From the home office to the kitchen counter, Barbara Hemphill offers a step-by-step solution to purging, sorting and taming that paper (AND electronic) tiger. Her practical solutions will help you manage every piece of paper or e-mail that comes into your house. She'll teach you how to make decisions about what to keep and where to keep and most importantly, how to find WHAT you need WHEN you need it!


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