Adopting the living organism as a metaphor for a balanced lifestyle leads us to seek a natural harmony or equilibrium, so that a balanced environment becomes a space in which we can safely and comfortably dwell.

Dwelling in Balance

The various metaphors we might choose to represent balance and imbalance offer different perspectives on how we might achieve that illusive balance in life. The balance of the tightrope walker captures the experience of navigating our way forward through through time on a tight schedule. However the equilibrium of the living organism offers a richer perspective in relation […]

Organise Like an Organism

Organise like an Organism

Have you noticed that “organise” shares its root with words like organism and organic? The Greek word “organon” refers to a tool, or instrument, particularly a musical instrument. So we have the organism, the pipe organ in a cathedral, organs in the body, and organic farming all drawing meaning from this same root word. If we […]