Drawing on ideas from science and spirituality, organising can be stripped down to some essential aspects  - Objects, Structure, Flow, Space, Time, Energy and Consciousness.

Seven Elements of Organising

Our view of organising tends to be quite concrete, focussing on discarding objects and sorting the remainder into containers. Its true that organising does involve these activities. However there is a bigger picture. We may be able to recognise a mess when we see one, but its not always obvious why things build up as they do, or […]

Niagara River Downstream

The Balance of Structure and Flow

When we think about organising in terms of natural systems, there are two factors that contribute to how things unfold. One is structure, and the other is flow. Structure is about the level of containment, and flow is about the level of movement. Managing our living environment effectively requires a healthy balance of each of these factors. Structure Structure is […]

Yin and Yang Image

The Yin and Yang of Cleaning and Organising

Whats the relationship between cleaning and organising? Cleaning brings a surface back to its original condition by removing foreign particles that have stuck to it due to use, or the passage of time. Organising is about the arrangement of things, what you have and where you put it. Cleaning and organising are not the same thing, but […]


Where Do I Start?

Traditional approaches to decluttering have limitations when it comes to an extremely cluttered environment. Working room by room is a slow process if there is a large bulk of items in every room, and choosing a category such as books or clothes to work with is difficult if belongings are jumbled together or inaccessible. The […]


When Clutter Matters

Recently I read an article about people who collect things from the roadside to recycle and sell. The collection process was ahead of the recycling process and they were accumulating a large volume of stuff. They were happy and in tune with each other. The work was obviously meaningful to them. Yet there was some […]

Clear the dining table of clutter to enjoy relaxed meals.

Keeping Things Small and Light

One of the factors that can make a home feel cramped and cause problems with storage space is the actual size of your belongings. We sometimes think that “bigger is better”, but if you always choose the largest option, you may sacrificing valuable space without any real gain. Particularly for people who live in smaller […]