Taking Your Time With Decluttering


Its not unusual for people to find making decisions about their belongings, and acting on those decisions, very difficult. There are plenty of examples on TV where expert organisers come in and do a makeover on a cluttered home that leaves the owner amazed and bewildered. Does this solve the problem?

People can develop very strong attachments to their things, and feel a sense of security from being surrounded by their belongings. Imposing organising solutions that people are not ready for emotionally is not the answer. In these scenarios, there is a big risk that old habits will resurface, clutter will return, and discouragement will set in.

Its OK to take your time and do things at a comfortable pace. Its not about getting the most done in the least time. Its about gradually shifting the cluttering mindset, and developing confidence and skills so change takes place gradually, and the home continues to feel like a safe and comfortable place throughout the process.

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