Traditional Organising

Traditional methods of decluttering and organising take a logical, step by step approach. They focus on fundamental organising skills, such as categorising, sorting and decluttering and will often be presented on a room by room basis, highlighting specific categories that require attention in each area of the home. Traditional organising offers a mental map and specific actions that help break down the task of organising clutter into manageable pieces. These books provide tips, tricks, and suggestions for people who want some ideas for tackling an organising project. They will be of most benefit to people who enjoy, or need, structure and a systematic approach.

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it-s-all-too-muchIt's All Too Much
An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff
By Peter Walsh

Publisher's Description
When Peter Walsh, organizational guru of TLC's hit show "Clean Sweep" and a regular contributor to "The Oprah Winfrey Show," appeared on national television shows and told people how they could reclaim their lives from the suffocating burden of their clutter, the response was overwhelming. Peter's unique approach helped people everywhere learn to let go of the emotional and psychological clutter that was literally and figuratively choking the life out of their homes. With his good humor and reassuring advice, Peter shows you how to face the really big question: What is the vision for the life you want to live? He then offers simple techniques and a step-by-step plan to assess the state of your home, prioritize your possessions, and let go of the clutter you have been holding on to that has kept you from living the life you imagine. The result is freed-up space, less stress, and more energy for living a happier, richer life every day.

The principles and techniques in this book are useful for people who are motivated to make a change and want a clear method to follow. - Live Light


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from-stuffed-to-sortedFrom Stuffed to Sorted
Your Essential Guide to Organising Room By Room
By MaryAnne Bennie

Publisher's Description
This book is for anyone who's tired of wasting precious time searching through endless piles and closets and drawers for a matching shoe, a suitcase key, that special spanner... It's for anyone who feels like a prisoner of their own stuff and who'd like to restore order to the molehills or mountains of clutter they now call home. In other words, this book is for just about everyone. Written by nationally renowned organising expert Mary Anne Bennie, FROM STUFFED TO SORTED introduces the original In8Steps system for quickly and easily organising even the most chaotic household. By working through eight simple steps, readers learn to completely reframe their relationships with their stuff, overcome procrastination, find the will to decide what stays and what goes, and efficiently store what remains so that it's readily available when they need it.

A clear and methodical approach for people who are ready to tackle clutter systematically room by room. - Live Light


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41xkOKkqZoL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_No More Clutter
By Sue Kay

Publisher's Description
Clutter affects us all: stressed time-poor professionals, couples rowing over their junk, older people with a lifetime's accumulated possessions, people working from home, growing families and people facing life changes such as divorce or bereavement. As we all consume and acquire more and more stuff, we feel increasingly overwhelmed by our possessions.

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organizing-from-the-inside-outOrganizing from the Inside Out
By Julie Morgenstern

Publisher's Description
Getting organized is a skill that anyone can learn, and there's no better teacher than America's organizing queen, Julie Morgenstern, as hundreds of thousands of readers have learned. Drawing on her years of experience as a professional organizer, Morgenstern outlines a simple organizing plan that starts with understanding your individual goals, natural habits, and psychological needs, so that you can work with your priorities and personality rather than against them. The basic steps-Analyze, Strategize, Attack-can be applied to any space or situation.

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the-quick-guide-to-home-organizingThe Quick Guide to Home Organising
By Sandra Felton

Publisher's Description
This proven forty-day plan helps readers achieve a well-ordered home and life. Practical and easy to apply, it shows how to get control of clutter, chaos, and disorganization. Each day readers learn tried and tested organizing tips such as how to recognize the time realities of modern life, keep email and paperwork under control, simplify solutions, and more. An orderly home is only forty days away!


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