Whats Your Organising Animal Mascot?

The squirrel image represents the organising style that likes to collect and keep things

Do you every wonder why your organising style is so different to the people around you? Sometimes when it comes to organising, we think so differently it seems we aren’t speaking the same language. For some people a blog on “10 Tips to Getting Organised” is going to seem incredibly simplistic, while for others getting even one tip done seems like an impossible dream. How can we talk to each other about organising when we come from such different perspectives?

If we think about the animal kingdom, every species has a different and distinctive way of approaching the tricky business of sustaining life. Each animal has its own strengths and challenges, and faces different risks. We understand that each animal needs to behave in line with its own basic nature. Can you see your organising style reflected in the animal kingdom? Perhaps you can learn from your organising animal mascot.

Hummingbirds are bundle of energy who love to buzz about getting things done. Hummingbird organisers put a lot of effort into organising systems and activities because they enjoy it. They lap up quick tips and techniques and get pleasure in the details. Hummingbirds are sometimes hard on themselves because of their own high standards, and others may feel daunted by their super efficiency. We can admire and celebrate the hummingbirds’ achievements, understanding that these are the super-organisers and not everyone will fit into this mould.

Pony People
Horses are much loved because of their ability to work cooperatively. Pony People are able to knuckle down and work hard when necessary, but they are just as happy playing in the great outdoors or standing still and smelling the daisies. Pony People have a balanced approach to organising; they get the job done but don’t get carried away with unnecessary details. Every now and then “life happens” and the balance tips towards chaos, but given time the Pony Person will regain their equilibrium. Pony People will learn from organising books and TV shows now and then, but don’t make a life study out of it. Because of their down to earth approach, pony people make good helpers for others who find organising more difficult.

Bunny Rabbits
Bunny rabbits have boundless enthusiasm for life and bounce from one pleasure to the next. They are so engaged in the present they sometimes forget to think about the future. Bunnies love to shop, and things tend to magically multiply around them. They are so excited with whats going on right now they don’t like slow down and concentrate on fine details. This can look chaotic from the outside, and sometimes feels like it from the inside. The organising motto for bunnies is “Don’t sweat the small stuff…but keep an eye on the big stuff.” Bunnies are meant to enjoy life and need to retain their joyfulness to stay motivated. Organising efforts are best focussed on sticking to reasonable limits and maintaining a functional level of order amid the seeming chaos.


Squirrels have an uncanny knack for seeing the potential in objects which others often miss. They think a lot about the future and like to store things because of their potential usefulness or inherent value. Savvy squirrels are willing to invest a lot of time, money and effort in establishing and maintaining their collections. The risk for squirrels is that being over-focussed on the details of individual items can mean they loose track of the big picture. When this happens they can end up bogged down in too much stuff. Traditional organising approaches based on the linear logic may not appeal to squirrels, who operate from the logic of the heart. Squirrels do best with organising approaches that acknowledge the deeper aspects of our relationship with stuff and how we feel about our belongings. An overwhelmed squirrel will probably benefit most from calling in the cavalry in the form of other organising animals, as self-help strategies may not be effective if you are in too deep.

Can hummingbirds and squirrels co-exist? The secret to cooperation between different organising styles is understanding and accepting the differences, appreciating each others strengths, and giving each person the space to be themselves and live according to their own nature (within reason). Respectful compromise and a good dose of humour are the best starting point for peaceful co-existence in the organising animal kingdom.


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